Scaffolding inspector course in hyderabad

Scaffolding inspector course in Hyderabad

Scaffolding inspector(STI-Scaffolding training institute,Texas):

 A competent scaffolding inspector is one who is able to identify the potential hazards in the working area and is authorized to take corrective measures to remove them.
Redhat in association with scaffold training institute,Texas,U.S.A has a 10 days training program that is aimed at workmen involved directly in the building or dismantling the scaffolding and users, safety officers who inspect the scaffolding on a day to- day basis for its working safety.

It is primarily a classroom course. The Competent Scaffolding Inspector Personnel” training for the title of Scaffolding Inspector is given as per OSHA 29 CFR 1926 Sub part L standard guidelines and the certificate would be issued by the Scaffold Training Institute, USA.

Course duration will be 3-4 working days and extra days consisting of practical examinations.

After completing this course successfully,the person will be awarded the title of scaffolding inspector.He/She will be able to estimate,design and load the scaffolding,select and quantify material requirement for the project and inspect and certify the scaffold system.